Fire Monitor Nozzles

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    The specific fire monitor nozzle you choose to work with is a key component to ensuring safety and ability to put out fires as needed.

    Fire Pro fire monitor nozzles are offered in a wide variety of types, enabling you to select the right monitor nozzle for your application.

    Fire Pro Fire Monitor Nozzle Types

    • Direct Connect nozzles transitions between heavy-body uniform fog pattern and strong impinging straight stream.
    • Stack Tip nozzles swap between a range of different orifice sizes.
    • Fog nozzles transition between strong impinging straight stream to heavy uniform fog pattern.
    • Nozzle Shut-Offs are ideal for use in combination with fog tips.
    • Smooth Bore nozzles convey water at maximum reach and with excellent overall stream quality.
    • Master Stream nozzles offer combination fog and straight stream and withstand caustic or saltwater environments.
    • Electric nozzles feature spinning teeth and variable GPM streams
    • Foam nozzles work with most firefighting foams.
    35 products

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