Direct Connect Nozzles

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    Direct connect fire monitor nozzles provide either a heavy-body uniform fog pattern or a strong impinging straight stream for greater distances. They feature ball shutoff, dual handle stops, and a full “boot style” bumper.

    They are ideal for field maintenance, with a “fast change” ball and seat feature and a “quick throw” straight stream to fog pattern change.

    Simply remove the tail gasket and the rear seat and ball will “drop out” for easy replacement. Dual gallonage models are ideal for “mop up” or to conserve water in the low range.

    Standard Direct Connect Fire Nozzle Features:

    • Combination fog and straight stream
    • Lightweight/strong aluminum
    • Dual handle stops
    • Cast aluminum handle
    • Hard anodized finish – red or grey
    • “Fast Change” Delrin ball and seat
    • Rugged simplicity and reliability
    • 1" & 1 1/2" (25 & 38 mm) inlets
    3 products

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