Portable Fire Monitors

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    Portable fire monitors, rated at 750 or 1,200 GPM, are versatile performers, either on the apparatus or in a portable mode. They feature quick “long handle” swivel detachment from the apparatus for mounting on the portable base and two “slip in” stabilizing legs with no-skid neoprene pads.

    Furnished complete with truck mount adapter and 500A aluminum Master Stream nozzle, with optional 750 or 1,200 GPM master stream available. Spring loaded locking knobs ensure safe stream available. Available in standard and short radius models.

    Portable Fire Monitor Standard Features:

    • Field-proven reliability
    • Highest flows available for portable monitors
    • Portable or fixed operation
    • Single waterway – less friction loss
    • “Long handle” swivel detachment
    • Short radius (long radius also available)
    • Stabilizing legs with no-skid neoprene pads
    • Detachable truck mount (1 1/2", 38mm)
    • 125-350, 750 & 1,200 GPM (473-1325, 2839, 4542 LPM)
    • 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3" sizes (38, 64, 76mm)
    7 products

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