When working in municipal and potentially hazardous environments, such as wastewater treatment facilities, firefighting equipment is important. Should a fire occur in an environment such as this, it could cause catastrophic damage not only to the facility itself but also to everyone served by the wastewater treatment plant.

Fire Pro® fire monitors and nozzles are reliable, durable choices that include many safety, flexibility, and durability benefits.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Safety and Control Benefits

  • Easy operation helps firefighting personal respond quickly and safely
  • Products meet all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards

Flexibility Benefits

  • Many product options are available, allowing you to customize for your specific needs
  • Choose manual or motorized operation, select your flow rate and pressure specification, base, and more

Durability Benefits

  • Monitors and nozzles are manufactured from durable materials such as brass ,bronze, or steel with an epoxy finish
  • Monitors and nozzles are capable of withstanding harsh environments