Oil Refining

Oil refining operations typically take place in remote areas, and with many volatile chemicals around. Fire prevention and management is key in these environments.

Fire Pro® fire monitors and nozzles are reliable, durable choices that include many safety, flexibility, and durability benefits.

Oil Refinery

Safety and Control Benefits

  • Easy operation helps firefighting personnel respond quickly and safely
  • Products meet all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards as well as US Forest Service and Coast Guard specifications where applicable

Flexibility Benefits

  • Many product options are available, allowing you to customize for your specific needs
  • Choose manual or motorized operation, select your flow rate and pressure specification, base, and more

Durability Benefits

  • Fire monitors and nozzles are manufactured from durable materials such as brass, bronze, or steel with an epoxy finish
  • Monitors and nozzles are capable of withstanding harsh environments